Machinery Auctions & Liquidations


Auctions & Liquidations

Turn your assets into working capital by using a secure bidding system for on-site or online auctions, liquidations, and negotiated sales

Machinery Auctions & Liquidations

Our global partners network has extensive experience working with companies in a variety of industries. We understand the goals you have in mind and work to find customized solutions to Auction, Liquidate, or Negotiate the sale of assets in an efficient and cost-effective manner that fit your needs.

We can assist in all aspects of the sale process, including inventory of all assets with detailed description and photos, creation and implementation of an advertising campaign, negotiations and sale management between buyers and sellers, payment collections and reconciliation, and checkout of buyers with management of equipment removal. Buyers and sellers can be assured that the sale will go smoothly as a result of advanced technology, superior logistics, and years of expertise.

  • Idle Asset Liquidations

    Idle Asset Liquidation is an essential business exercise that transforms inactive equipment into cash that can be invested in new equipment or other aspects of the company. Everything that a company owns is considered an asset that should either be used frequently or sold if the equipment is no longer necessary for operations in order to maximize the Return On Investment. Rather than losing out on potentially thousands of dollars when left idle, Sourceline Machinery can assist businesses sell surplus machinery & equipment.

  • Orderly Negotiated Sales (ONS)

    Orderly Negotiated Sales is an optimal solution for assets that are typically specialized such as expensive units custom built for individual needs, packaging equipment, processing equipment, conveyors, complete lines, etc. ONS is beneficial for sellers who understand they need to liquidate their assets but require a longer lead time to prepare. Sellers can also implement Orderly Negotiated Sales along with an auction to allow the sale of larger units first then auctioning smaller equipment or assets that may not have performed well in the ONS.

  • Machinery & Equipment Auctions

    Rather than having surplus machinery and assets remain idle, businesses can elect to auction off equipment to the highest bidder, enabling the investment of liquid cash to other areas of the company. When equipment is sold using the auction method, there are usually no contingencies and is generally sold “As-Is, Where-Is” with no warranties. The sale of the property is not subject to financing or repairs limiting the liability and further financial obligations by the seller. The auction method of marketing exposes machinery & equipment to a larger number of pre-qualified prospects and creates competition among buyers, at times exceeding the price of a negotiated sale. In addition to onsite auctions if equipment is still in production or assets are in multiple locations online auctions can be offered to simplify the process and allow a larger range of bidders.

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